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Seitz glutenfrei – Specialist in gluten free pasta and products

Hello everybody,

Seitz is the right option if you are looking for tolerable and healthy foods at the same time.

Seitz is tradition: As the oldest pasta producer in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the only manufacturer of gluten free pasta in Germany since 1995, we acquired a lot of experience in the production of gluten free products over the years and mastered a contamination free production.

Seitz is family: As family, we produce food with the conviction to do something good and we are aware of the linked responsibility to the consumer, since gluten free products can have a direct impact to the health of some people. Those who opt for our products put their confidence in us and we want to be worthy of this trust.

Seitz is taste: With our product range, we want to make a gluten free diet to be sensed as a pleasure. Through the substitution with tasty alternatives, our consumers shall no longer experience their gluten free diet as a limitation. Therefore, we work every day and only strictly selected products reach the market shelves.


Seitz is blue: Our products can be easily recognized by our clear packaging design. With a striking blue, the products can be found quickly on the shelves. The international gluten free symbol is a central element of each package.

Seitz is versatile: Our portfolio will be expanded and specifically developed continuously. With our products, you can get gluten free through the day.

Seitz is different: Many people strictly follow a gluten free diet. However, the people who do not rely on gluten free products due to intolerances or allergies should also have a diverse and varied diet. We are convinced that food allergies often have their origin in an unbalanced diet. For this reason, it is recommended to follow a balanced diet and eat gluten free or others 'free from' products regularly, in order to prevent future intolerances.

Seitz is sport: We are engaged in mass and competitive sports. A positive training effect and performance improvement related to a gluten free diet is often reported to us.